Quick VAN Facts


Has forced gaze or preference to one side or lost vision on one side.


Medical term for understanding language and producing language.


Medical term for ignoring your left body. Loved one will deny that you touched their left side or they have weakness on left usually.

  1. You are VAN + if you have any cortical symptom (Vision,Aphasia,Neglect) w arm/hand weakness.
  2. Cortical symptoms are ones that indicate the brain not just the motor/sensory part connected to the spinal cord is involved in a stroke.
  3. Severe weakness is arm falling quickly and or touching bed
  4. You can be VAN – with severe weakness if you have no VAN symptoms or you have VAN symptoms with no arm/hand weakness at all.
  5. Sensitivity of VAN is 70 to 90% according to outside retrospective papers over 3,000 pacients. It is the most sensitive popular LVO screening tool.
  6. You can replicate most scales using VAN. Just report severe weakness VAN+ which is ACT FAST tool. You can report VAN+ with Vision & Aphasia which is close to safe score of 4.

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